Lake Reba - Any fishing strategies for catfish in this lake?

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  1. Mitch2388

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    Inwood, West Vi
    I know its small, but I figured I would throw it out there and see if I can reel in some advice about it. (I know....worst fishing pun in history :crazy:)
  2. rogers7

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    Stanton, KY
    You can catch channels in the back left or around the island in the upper end. Bluegills off the 'ol road walkway for cut bait. Thye lock the gates I believe at 10 pm.

    If your in richmond try Wilagreen I heard it has good cats, but never fished it myself. Rumored to have some blue cats, not sure if that is true or not.

  3. lance

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    No blues @ willgreen . Hadn't had much luck @ reba or willgreen there are good cats @ willgreen tho I have seen some come out of there just not on my stringer . From what I understand the bite was off all last year there ,late june ,july and august are good months at the end of lake away from the dam. Idle speed only and the bank access area is from ramp/dock around to dam and that is where the fishing is less than stellar .