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Lake Ray Hubbard

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Well, hubbard has finally slowed down a bit for me.I had very good success during late spring early summer along the banks and especially along the rip Rap off I30. But it died down quite abit about mid July.
No problem,I found a few old bank fishing spots and started chuming and baiting them and did almost as good as the spawn. however the last week has just been slow to almost a halT.
I actualy went to a community fishing lake to dya to play with the stocked channels,Blues and bullheads on my Crappie gear. Atleast I was catching some catfish.
Man I need aboat! :)
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Man I know the feeling! Being without a boat is like being without a fishing rod, it sucks! :mad:
whenever the fishing gets slow. i usually just go to my secret place on hubbard where i can always catch fish.:big_smile:
oh and the boat situation you could always do what i did and buy a kayak thier cheap and fun to land big fish out of. oh and you would be suprised in how much gear you can put on them. just google kayak fishing!
Having a boat makes a huge difference in my opinion. That kayak idea is a good one also, fishing and exercise, that is a good combination
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