Lake Ray Hubbard 5/18 & 5/19

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    Fished Lake Ray Hubbard from about 4 until 6:30 on Friday and again from noon until 7:30 Saturday evening. Ray Hubbard is definitely not Tawakoni. However, we did have alot of fun. We fished under the I-30 bridge for about 2 hours. Caught about 10 with only one eater. Also fished north of the railroad bridge near the Miller Road bridge. We fished as usual, with shrmip and a bobber about 4' deep off the rip rap of the tracks. Saturday we caught a total of 11 keepers, 9 of which were barely keepers. The others were 2lbs and 4lbs.

    Ray Hubbard had its perks. My 7 year old needed to take a pit stop so we boogied across to Bass Pro and dropped he and my 14 year old nephew off at the courtesy docks. They went in, took care of business while I waited, the returned, and we were off. Nice and easy.

    Anyway, it'll be back east for us this weekend. We'll be on Lake Fork Saturday at noon, and possibly back to Tawakoni Saturday night. It should be fun.

    My electronics should be coming in the mail very soon. I can hardly wait to give it a whirl.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!