Lake Pleasant Shorebound

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  1. SilencedMajority

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    White Mtns, AZ
    Can anyone here help me out with a good shore spot(s) accessible by 4x2 truck where I can catch mainly big cats (channel or flatty, although i hear flatty fishing is weak here, is it?) and also any other species. I am limited to fishing from 6am til 2 pm also, so any thoughts or advice on how I should do this would help please. Bait suggestions would also be great.

    Thank you all who take time to check this thread out.
  2. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    Pleasant? What are those giant Flatheads you caught last year doing? Man I can't wait to get back to that river to try and find another giant...

    I have fished for catfish at Pleasant soo many times and have very little to show for... Usually end up fishing for some type of b@ss..

    I hear the Agua Fria river end is okay, I have never gone too far up there before, but I could imagine it is good.

    You can drive up to it on table mesa road off the I-17...

    Good luck!!!

  3. thunderchicken

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    Yuma Az
    Man, I dunno but I think I would go back and try that spot where you caught that fish in your avatar! That's a nice fish!!! I do hear a lot of guys talking about Rosevelt though. Might be a tad early but if they are biting they are defenitely there. Would try live bait, big as you can get for big flats. Hope this helps.