Lake Pleasant - Never under estimate the kids

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    i have been taking my daughters fishing with me for about 2 years now. Last thursday night when we were out at lake pleasant my oldest daughter (11) strung her pole, set up the hook she wanted, chose liver over anchovies, chose no weight vs a 1/2 onunce or so of weight. Chose the spot off the point where we fish. I was so proud of her. but thats where the story goes array. After she cast out, she set her alarm up on her reel (mitchel free runner electeric). Sat the pole down and she decided to wait by her pole. next thing i know she screams "DAD MY line is coming towards me i think I have one. I looked at her line I didn't notice anything unusual. "should I reel it in" No! i said. not more than 5 minutes later. "DAD I THINK I HAVE ONE". Looking at her line and not noticing anything I said NO just leave it alone. ( you would think from years of fishing I would know better and i even have showed them about fish running towards you.) after i got my poles set up and my youngest daughters set up. I sat down I looked over saw my daughter and pulling on the line checking to see if she could feel anything. I told her leave the line alone if there's a cat on there hell take it and run with it. Of course she says " what if he picks it up and runs towards me. How am i gonna know? I looked at her and said AHHHH! leave it alone. She just looked at me like I was stupid. Sure enough she picks up her pole and starts reeling it in. I laughed and said TOLD YA! No sooner than I said that her reel starting hissing. She looked at me and said "NO I TOLD YOU" wouldnt you know it was a 7 pound Channel. and of course the rest of the evening she caught 3 more off that point best one was around the 10# mark. Just like when I was a kid and I caught one bigger than my dad. i let him know it. I had to hear it all night and all the way home. What was funny about that night about 6 of the fish we caught were all bringing them about 20ft off the shore line and hanging there. She taught me a lesson LOL it was a time to remember and cherish.