Lake Ozark

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  1. elvenbane1

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    Hey guys,

    I'll be on the lake tomorrow and was woundering if anyone is catching crappie, and if so on what? I'll give you guys an update in the next few days. I'll also be jugging with some shad sides.
  2. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Last word I heard on the Crappie was go to 20-25 feet of water on blue and white jigs.......but that was a few weeks ago before it froze over. Ice almost gone now and they seem to be lowering the lake slowly.

  3. Mr.T

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    I haven't heard of anyone catching any crappie - the water temp is still in the low to mid 30's and there's still ice on the lake in places. A couple weeks of warmer weather ought to stir the crappie up pretty well.

    If you're looking for cats, use your electronics and look deep.
  4. SeaArk1

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    Sedalia, Missouri
    I have been catching crappie all winter. If you know were the brush is...or you find will find the crappie. I have been fishing on lake of the ozarks 15 - 25 feet deep. I am going again tomorrow....not taking the boat cause its suppose to rain but I am going to drive to a few docks. I will let you know how I did.

    Took the little lady and kid below truman dam yesterday afternoon and caught 7 walleye with the biggest about 3 pounds. Also accidently snagged into 8 or 10 spoonbill from #15 to 45#...wasnt what I was after but kept the mrs entertained.
  5. Malichi1970

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    Fenton, Missouri
    I could use a little help, I've never fished Lake of the Ozarks and will confess I'm more of a river rat than a lake fisherman anyway. But, we recently bought a new boat and are looking to get it out on a lake and figured LOZ was as good as any. It's got a Depth/Fish Finder (though I've never used it yet) so I'll do my best finding them with it. But, what I wanted help with was is there anything I need to know about the lake. I've read alot on this site about the lake, but figured that those here that fish it could give me a tip or two to a newby to fishing LOZ. I'd like to do some catfishing and maybe a little crappie fishing as well. My freezer is empty folks so how about giving me a hand in putting a few fillets in it.