Lake of the Ozarks

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  1. bc179whitetail

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    St.Louis Missouri
    We are going to be at LOZ next weekend the 14th 15th and 16th anyone else going to be down? We will be at the 3.75 on the B.N. Anyone going down give me a call 314-575-0724.
    Good Luck All
  2. Kyle

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    Kansas City - Olathe
    jeff - I'm going down on friday the 14th-24th. Will be around the 7 MM in the Gravios arm..I'm not sure what your refering to by the 'B.N' you talkin about Bagnell?? Anyways I'll be down there with my brother, you lookin to catfish? Anyone else heard anything about the bite down there? Deep I'm guessing? Just checked they say the water is 39d right now..moms down there now she said theres lots of shad kill floating around, I told her to pick some up but she said the seagulls seem to have dibs on them! good luck jeff!

  3. donbrown

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    we fished tuesday, wendsay and today caught over 70 cats from 30 lbs to 2 lbs with most 5 to 12 lb range with some 15 and 20s .

    the fillet knifes need sharpening and I ran out of frezer bags

    grasshoppers and hot dogs and bubble gum was the ticket for bait

    double bubble pink gum caught the big ones

    well im sleepy from eating fish the last 3 nights my belly is full full full

    today was the best day even tho it drizzeled on us all day

    well marty your right its gonna be a another fish slaughter this year the deep freze is 3/4 way full already i got 2 more frezers on order from lowes tho marty so dont worry .:wink: