Lake Odessa

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  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    Anyone fish Lake Odessa?
    I've never seriously tried it. Back when I was a kid my folks rented a cabin for a weekend there and my brother and I fished off a couple of boat docks.
    Can't remember catching a thing.
    Water skied there as a young adult.

    Might be a good place to try drift fishing. 3000 acres is a lot of water to cover.
    any suggestions?
  2. oldstylelight

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    LeClaire, ia
    i plan on hittin it this spring/ summer. My buddy has a cabin down on sand run which will be great too. Never have myself, but heard it can be ok... be careful in the summer time down there. dont go off the main lake if you have a deep boat cause they draw the water down in the summer cause of some guy named Bill Ohde. He likes to grow millet down there for "duck habitat," and to make it impossible for people to navigate for the first 3 weeks of duck hunting season without a mudhog. anyhoo that is a different subject. As you can tell not a fan of that guy. ( i aint alone) i would say give it a whirl. but carefull driving around.. can be full of surprises at low water.