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    Spent this weekend at Lawrence Shoals campground at Lake Oconee.

    Didn't get to spend a whole lot of time fishing like I wanted.

    Set up the kids the time I got 2-3 of 4 in the water someone had broken their line, cast it in a tree or had a bite and said "hey somethings pulling on my pole" without ever trying to set the hook.

    By the time I got fed up and said enough and no more fixing their poles, do it themselves, I grabbed my new catfishin pole to realize when loading the cooler the kids had been nice enough to drop it right on top of my pole and break two eye's off it.

    So finally Sunday I put together an old rod and went to the other side of the sluice on wallace dam road.

    Sat there using red wigglers on the right side of the fishing peir down there. Caught one whopper of a blue cat...musta weighed about 4-6 oz. My size 2 hook went right in it's mouth and through it's gill hole with room to spare.

    Meanwhile the lady and her husband sitting in the middle of the pier fishin straight out were reeling them in left and right. Not much for size..but some good eatin ones that were a pound or two.

    Grandpa..can't remember the gentlemans name..but he reminded me of my great grandpa..was fishing the left side of the pier and was having the same luck as me..he only landed 2..but one of them was about made up for his troubles I guess.

    I made one cast in the middle of the pier when them folks left and got snagged right off. Broke my line, reeled in what was left and decided God just didn't want me with a pole in my hand this weekend.

    All in all the lake was real nice, and I'll probably go back and fish it some more...just without the kids this time so that I can get some time in to myself.

    At their age I was well into riggin, baitin and castin my own sure wasnt' gonna do it after I'd been shown how....I must be doing something wrong that they can't get it figured out on their own after being shown 4 dozen times.

    Well time for this grouch to go grab a lemon, a beer and a glass and sit down for some afternoon refreshment.
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    Thanks for shareing Davisboy. How well I remember them Times when the Kids were growing up! J.D.

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    Been there done that but now it's sorry Dad I can't go fishin I got other plans so make the best of your time together it will be short