lake norman report 16 may

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    went for a short trip for what ever would bite
    we set up in 18' of water for a little perch action first , caught 8 fish at one time,:crazy:YES I SAID 8 AT ONE TIME, here is how it happened , i had a sibiki out tipped with minnows and a line with a single hook on another rod , well i drifted through a school of perch so the rods went crazy i was trying to catch a few at a time so i left the sabiki down for a second or two after i hooked up, went to pull the sabiki in and it was tangled in the other line , well while i was taking the fish off the sabiki i could feel the fish on the other rod but to keep from getting them anymore tangled i left it in the water till i could get the tangel out , well i felt the line in the water jerk real hard so i started to pull it in by hand to keep it from breaking off i thought i had a cat instead of a perch well it was a 5lb large mouth, i told the boy that was with me to look i had a lm and it had a half eaten perch in his mouth the tail was hanging out ,and he still hit my minnow, and that is when he spit the perch out and fell in the bottom of the boat, but the perch was still in the air, while i was getting the tangle out he had swallowed the perch i had hooked head first and it was hung in his mouth ,when he spit it out the perch was still hooked :cool2:
    as you can tell the trip was pretty cool , grand total 58 perch, 1 crappie, 1 lm and about a dozen blues from 3-10lb everything but the perch were turned loose, not bad for 2 1/2 hours :big_smile:
    all the cats were caught with perch in 20-35' of water

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    Wilm .N.C
    Jeff that sounds like a heck of a fishing trip ,wish i could have some like that :big_smile:

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    north caro
    great day bowlerman :big_smile:

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    sounds like you had a good day, great catch