Lake Norman Nov. 20 and 21, 2008

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    November 20, 2008. I went out in the afternoon and fished until 5:30 PM and found stripers and bass in Hagers Creek. They were suspended at around 34/36' in 45 to 50 feet of water depth.

    Also, fished between Marker 13 and 15 along the West bank. Scattered bait and fish along the way. Had several pulldowns and did not hookup. I had been told that these were small stripers and by their actions, I would assume that to be correct. Stripers were suspended at 24 and 34' in a water depth of 55'.

    On the way home, one of my neighbors waved at me to come over to his dock. He then informed me that the stripers had come up less than a hundred feet from his dock and boiled the water for three minutes or so.

    November 21, 2008. Could hardly wait to get out there and get them this AM, a tad windy to start and real cold. Started in the area where the schooling fish were yesterday PM. When I would take my trout out of the bait tank they went stiff from the cold wind, as soon as I got them on the hook and in the 59 degree water they were okay. First fish came within 200' where they schooled yesterday and the last one 1,000 feet +- away. Wind got up to 12 MPH and I pulled everything in and came back home.
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    Thanks for the report mac.
    Have you heard of any big stripers being caught lately on LN?


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    At least you're getting out there. With the night creepin' into my dern daylight I can't go but on my days off. I'm wondering when the wind is finally going to lay down a little. Don't know about your way Mac but it's been blowing down here for a week straight.