Lake Norman June 8, 2008

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    I had a guided fishing trip for a family of five on Sunday morning. Water surface temp. was 81 to 82 degrees and wind was not a major factor, but the ski boats, pleasure boats and PWC's made up for it. My fisherpersons were 5, 7.5 and 11 years old, two girls and one boy. It was agreed by all parties that I should target small cats due to the age of the kids. We ended up with six blues, two for each child and the fish were in the 3 to 6 pound class. Before we were thru, the external temp. was close to ninety degrees. White perch was the bait of choice. I did not take photo's but the father did and when I receive them, I will try to post them.

    The best part of the trip was to see the expressions on the kids face as they were bringing their fish in and then when they saw it splashing in the water. It was a proud moment for them and me.
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    that is so great to see kid's catch and enjoy fishing, thanks for the report

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    Nothin like takin a kid fishin! I went yesterday evenin for about 2 hrs and met some young fellows on the banks of the river.....spent the evenin tryin to catch gar.....hooked up w/ one but lost him on the retrieve. This one kid wouldnt leave my side after that. They were beggin me to come back again this afternoon and try again! Glad to hear yall had a good trip Mac. Congrats.