Lake Norman July 6th PM Fishing

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    Went to Norman yesterday and made a long drift on the upper lake just before dark. Pulled cut herring and dropped out two sabiki rigs tipped with some one inch threadfins I got at the boat ramp with my quarter inch mesh cast net. Got five small channel cats, six perch, and four crappie including my personal best at just a shade over two pounds. Got three more channels on the cut herring on the drift rigs. After sundown I went to one of my favorite holes and put the anchors out. The action got started quick with a variety of baits. Cut and live gizzard shad, cut herring, live and cut perch, cut crappie and live bream were the baits we used. In four hours on the anchors with the bite coming and going we managed to boat five flatheads with the biggest being twelve pounds and eight blues with the biggest being about nine pounds. Oh yeah and a greenhead about three pounds.