Lake Norman January 4, 2009

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    Hot spots on Lake Norman for those that fish up river is just past the power line on the South side in front of the log cabin. This area is loaded with striper's, white perch and blue catfish according to several reports I received today. But they could be gone tomorrow, but I doubt it.

    For those that fish the South end of the lake, Davidson Creek is the place to be. From the water intake to the Interstate on the South side. A friend of mine and some of his buds caught 40 this past Tuesday and the fish were still there today. Also, an elderly gentleman was fishing by himself this morning and caught a 29.5 inch striper which he estimated to be around nine pounds and I personally think that is close. He was using free lines with shiners for bait.

    I went scouting this morning around 10 AM until 1:15 PM and caught several in------------Creek. Fish were suspended at 27'+-. I was using rainbow trout for bait. I have a tournament coming up and a guide trip, so I do not want to disclose this location.
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    You are right Mac. The area in front of the cabin is also full of birds and fishing boats.