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    Took a friend who had never been catfishing fishing today. He is not an early riser and we did not put lines out until 11:00 am. I had told him not to expect much because it was sunny, hot, middle of the day with lots of boat action. I was happy I was wrong. He caught fish all day until we pulled the lines in at 17:45. The largest being a flathead.
    Mike is now hooked just like the rest of us. It was great to see him excited and I was just so thankful that he caught fish.

    Water was clear, 85, with lite wind gusting. Bait was cut shad. Most of the fish came from main lake marker 23

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    sounds like a great trip bill it is good to take a newbe and put them on fish but now you will proably have to sneak off to fish alone :smile2::smile2: