Lake Norman Fishing Report week ending 6-2-07

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    Went out Tuesday morning pre-fishing/scouting for a trip Wednesday and had a field day. On free lines (14 pound test line that I use for stripers) baited with live bream/gills with a 1/0 hook I caught a 12+, 14+ and a 16 3/4 pound blues and on my carolina rigs baited with bream heads and white perch strips I caugh over 12 blues in the 3 to 8 pound class and several channel cats. Had a guest Wednesday and could not get a bite in the area I pre-fished Tuesday, so left there and went to another cove and my guest loaded up with a bunch of 3 to 9 pound blues and several channels. Bream and white perch were the baits used. Today, I took Bro. ThaBear with me and we fished an area where a striper fishermen told me that flatheads were tearing up his baits. We didn't catch a single flathead but caught enough blues to have a nice fish fry if we wanted to. Bream and bass strips were what we used for bait today. Water temp. all week has been from 78 to 80 degrees. Wind this week has mostly been out ot the South, SW and SE. No reports of any big fish being caught this week. Rookie12 and family caught some nice fish Sunday or Monday and he has already made a report on another thread. Big cats, except for flats, appear to be spawning or hiding from me and others. All of my fish outings are for 4 hour duration. Old man can not take the heat and the wave runners anymore.
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    sounds like you had a good week there Mac!! I will more thanl likely be down that way again about the second weekend in June and do some more prefishing for kids day on the 23rd. I was going out tonight and was thinking about Norman, but after checking a weather map, I decided against it. oh well, I"ve never fished freelines specifically for cats before, but I will now. I've got plenty while trying to catch stripers though. Thanks for the report!

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    What a way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning, going fishing with the MacDaddy. As always Mac found the fish and I was lucky enough to land the first one, but after that Mac put on a show. I sat and watched as he landed fish after fish on his side of the boat. Even had a triple going at one time. I think he finally let me catch another one. Still had a great morning on the lake, good conversation, and as usual I got a lesson in catfishing from the "Great One". Thanks again Mac.