Lake Norman fishing report June 7, 2008

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    North Caro
    I left my dock at 6:30 AM to fish for white perch in the cove where I live and caught a bunch in one hour. I was using one Sabiki rig and was bringing five to six in each time. If anybody is interested in the exact location call me on my cell phone listed below or on my web page.

    I watched 11 or 12 jugs floating around in the cove with seven or eight cats on then and not a soul around watching them or working them. If they are not gone by high noon I will have to do something. See attachments
  2. smith11

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    thats crazy for someone to leave jugs out there if i put out lines im there when the sun comes up enough to see where im going and get them out

  3. Catgirl

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    I don't get it either......I've been jug fishing, could have gone this evening. We always watch our jugs and get them in by around 2-3 am. Either people aren't responsible, or they're DRUNK (seems those two things go together lots of times). If you want to drink, fine and dandy, I do on occasion. But don't expect other folks to deal with YOUR mess, and the unnecessary death of catfish. This world is for EVERYONE to enjoy, God's creation. What gets me is that some folks say they're jug fishing for FOOD......then don't tend 'em because they aren't able to (DRUNK). Heck, they shouldn't even be on the WATER at that point. I can't say I want jug fishing BANNED, because it can be enjoyable if done in the right manner. Also can't say that every jug fisherperson who loses a jug or two, IS intoxicated. I CAN say that I've learned a lot about the problems caused by it, since becoming a member of the BOC. I guess I just wish for a perfect world, and that's never gonna happen. Objectivity is foreign to some (some have good reasons, others are just "WHO CARES? IT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO").

    Thanks for the fishing report Mac. Sorry about the yelling. :wink:
  4. WylieCat

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    If I find jugs unattened without markings then they are liter plain and simple. :wink:

    I passed some a few weeks ago headng up river and planned to remove them on the way back down if they were unattended and unmarked. They were gone before I returned.

    "...I guess I just wish for a perfect world..."

    I too Catgirl. In the meantime I will work to educate folks, but that takes some intelligence and an open mind on the receiving end for that to work. Like you Catgirl, I am not against jug fishing, but I am against the irresponsible manner in which many individuals do it.

    By the way Mac, if those jugs are two liter bottles please let me know. I need some two liter bottles to freeze water in to keep my bait tank cool. :wink:

    I digress.

    Good report LakeNormanBlues!!!