Lake Norman fishing report for 6-06-07

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    I had the pleasure of having WylieCat as my partner on LKN this morning. We fished out of his boat and I offered my services/knowledge of the lake. The first target area was a long point with a hump out pass the point. Working the point he got two blues, then we turned out into the lake to the hump, a good 1,000' from the shoreline. We went from 10' to 50' to 24' where the hump is located and then, all of a sudden we had six nice blues on at one time. We made a run back to the point and got one more. We them relocated to where I had been killing them the week earlier and only got one. Left that spot and went to one of the longest points on the lake and picked up two more. Then I introduced him to my never fail spot and it produced 13 cats, which included two triples. Left the water at 11 AM. Wind (calm to 5 MPH) was out of the NW to West most of the morning. Water temp. was 78 degrees and you could see down into the water at least 5 feet and we had a blue bird sky. Bait of choice was frozen vacuum sealed bream and white perch. We were never more than one mile from where we put the boat into the lake. I know some of you are wondering why we left the hump where we had six on at one time. The purpose of the trip was to show WylieCat some good spots to fish for fun or in a tournament situation. As some of you know already, I will not be doing the tournament thing next year (rememember Mark Martin, he said the same thing about NASCAR/NEXTEL) so I am passing on what little knowledge I have onto WylieCat.:cool2:
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    I had a great time Mac!! :big_smile:

    It did not look like a day to catch cats or any other fish today. The barometer was rising on us, bluebird sky's, just not the makings for a good day.

    Turns out it was an awesome day! :big_smile: I did not even have to get the boat up on plane to get to our first hole, and we had a fish in the boat within ten minutes. A little further trolling produced some nice multiple hook-ups. At one point we only had one out of six rods still in the water!

    Like Mac said, we covered some good places and probably could have milked many more fish out of a couple of the hotspots. Instead we tried some places to see what was working and try to "learn me!"

    I added some waypoints to my GPS on this trip!! :big_smile:

    We ended the day with 25 cats, mostly blues, a couple of channels, and a nice flathead that Mac netted.

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    Dieter, Your a lucky man to get all that knowledge passed on to you!!!!!!!!!!!