Lake Norman Fishing Report August 7, 2009

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    My clients today were two fellows from the Charlotte area that normally go to Santee to fish for cats, but with the economy the way it is, they decided to try Norman. I picked them up at the Beatties Ford boat landing around 6:30 AM and off we went to the deep waters. Wind today was out of the NE at 3 to 8 MPH and last night we had almost a full moon. Bait of choice was white perch (cut up, heads and chunks), some fresh blues backs and shad, and the best bait was some white perch fillets and heads marinated in shad oil

    My clients told me in advance that they did not want to use the typical catfish rigs, so I used my striper outfits, which have 12 pound test line and I used the standard 40 pound shock leader and some 6/0 to 8/0 circle hooks. They enjoyed the lite weigh type gear and we only lost one good hit that broke the line and that was because someone had tighten the drag.

    Net results was a 100 + quart cooler full and a smaller cooler also full. I would estimate more than twenty and less than thirty cats. Back at the landing at 10:45 AM with some satisfied clients.

    Todays catch will see the hot grease in the near future.