Lake Norman Fishing Report 8.3.09

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    Normally it is LakeNormanBlue's duty to do LKN reports, but today I was out on his lake!! :big_smile: I fished from 6:00am-12:00pm in the main river channel on the lower lake. Winds were calm, though there was a slight breeze from the north at sunrise, water was around 85-86 degrees, and skys were clear.

    I was fishing for suspended fish in 100-110 feet of water. It took a while to locate some fish, but once I did I was able to work them for about two hours. Most of the bites came in the 25-35 foot range. Preferred bait was white perch, though I did try some bream both alive and cut with little success.

    I ended the trip with 18 blues from 3-9 pounds. :wink:
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    North Carolina
    A couple of years ago at this time of year I was working nights on a rotating shift and had one of those nights off that I could not sleep. So about 2am I decided to go down near the dam and scout around. I had never been on that end of Norman before. I brought some frozen shad along since I wasn't sure about where to find bait. After circling around near the dam in that 108' water I started marking fish suspended at about 30'. It was about 4am by that time I dropped a few down lines to that depth. From then to a little after sun up I caught 20 blues and a striper. I lost several more due to more than one hit at a time. (I was using J-hooks then). Went back a couple nights later with a couple of friends and only caught two. But thats fishing for you.