Lake Norman fishing report 4-29-07

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    My friend, Cliff, and myself got started a little late this AM (7:30) and fished a long point just off the main channel for at least one hour and then a small cove and back to the back of a big island to get out of the wind. Wind was blowing out of the West at 10 to 15 MPH on the open waters and a little less in protected locations. End results for less than four hours fishing was 13 blues, one channel at 7.5 pounds and the largest blue was 14.5 pounds. We tried out a new bait for us, filet of carp and man did them cats dig it! We also offered them white perch and it became obivious real quick which they preferred. You never know about them cats and their taste buds. Two fish were kept for table fare by my partner for a freind of his who just had a hip replacement. Water temp. was 70 degrees and we fished 10 to 40 feet of water depth. Jet skies started showing up around 8:30 AM but, they keep their distance from us. LKN is hosting a bass tournament this weekend and man can them bass boats fly. We were tooling along at 32 MPH and a fleet of them bass boats came by us like we were sitting still.
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    I guess I can try that on some of those carp we been killing bowfishing. I have just been burying them in the garden or using them to bait coyotes.

    I could cut some fillets for cat if that works good.