Lake Norman Fishing Report 3-01-07

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    With the anchors stored, along with my fishing gear for anchoring down, I went back to my old way of fishing. The drifter is back! Lite SE wind this AM and water temp. was 58 degrees. I pulled gold fish and 4 to 5" rainbow trout. Did not catch a trophy fish, but did hook up with some nice 5 to 8 pound blues. Worked the deep points and openings to small coves and more or less worked 10 to 35' water. If anybody in interested in stripers they were in the area of Slanting Bridge and the Boat Rack in Mountain Creek, just past marker M-4. A buddy of mine caught 9 pulling white (1/4 oz.) Road Runners on free line and planner boards. He told me that the activity lasted about one hour, but he did not get to that area until around 8 AM.
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    How is the drift bite looking on Norman right now Mac? Is it time for the drifting to take the place of anchoring for the big 'uns?