Lake Norman December 26, 2008

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    Left my dock at 2:30 PM and returned at 4:40 PM. My cove was packed with weekend warriors fishing for striper's, so I slid by them and went to the end of Little Creek, just past the KVA power lines. I caught four striper's and one bottom feeding bass. Bait of choice was rainbow trout. I only had two gulls working where I was fishing.

    What attracted the fishermen in the cove I live next to was the gulls (over 50) picking up bait/shad that the Loons had thrown up when they surface. When I first started striper fishing I did the same thing, it is something you have to observe first hand to know what is happening.

    Shane Reel came by my house about 12:30 PM with a nice flathead he had caught. He needed me to take a photo of it. I will let him give his report, but I will tell you it was a nice one.

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    Once again, nice trip Mac!

    Alright Shane, lets see this flathead....don't keep me waiting:big_smile: