Lake Norman December 21, 2008

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    North Caro
    Left my dock at 7:30 AM and there was plenty of bait in my cove but no stripers. Went to the end of Little Creek and there they were. One of my buds was there and informed me what pattern he was running. So I ran his pattern the best I could in 12 to 15 MPH wind. I used four planer boards and two free lines. Bait of choice was rainbow trout. I ended up with seven stripers and he got nine. Off the water at 9:45 AM.
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    I am a curse.

    When I come to Norman not even LakeNormanBlues can catch a striper. When I am NOT THERE, look at what happens. :angry:


    Of course I can't complain after my last two day on "other" lakes.