Lake Norman December 19, 2008

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    I left my dock and was in a fog bank before you could say Jack Rabbit and man was it thick. I put out four planer board and headed for the shoals in my cove by using the GPS. Within ten or 15 minutes two board took off (same side) and I got them in and put them in the live well. But, I got turned around bringing the two striper's in and was lost as lost can be in a fog. I looked at the North arrow on the topo map and it said straight ahead, yet the wind was blowing in my face and it was suppose to be out of the South. So I trusted the wind and finally saw a landmark. Next I caught an eating size blue and followed that up 30 or 45 minute later with a striper on a down line and another on a free line. Two CCC members were out there fishing, Capt. Gus and Charlie Blackburn. Picture of the fog and catch is attached.
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    Im glad to see that someone is catching some fish. Im also glad to see that you got your bearings and made it home safely.

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    The fog has been bad on Norman today, yesterday, and the day before. At daylight yesterday it was not more than 50 yards, but by 9:00am it was up to about 1 /4 mile and that was enough to move around the lake with the help of the GPS on the sonar unit.

    Even with a 1/4 mile visbility you have to put a lot of trust in the instrument, just like with flying. INSTINCT MEANS NOTHING, trust the instrument!

    Lake Norman is big enough that in 1/4 mile visibility you can look all around you, not see the shoreline, and have no freaking clue where you are! :eek:oooh: Put your head down to land a fish, all while the boat is veering off to one side, and you will find yourself clueless as to what direction you should be heading in.

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    Thet won't get cleaned sittin there posein for pics. LOL! Nice haul and thanx for the pics.
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    Mac's fer dinner everyone(LOL:eek:oooh::crazy:) Nicely done Big Mac!:big_smile: