Lake Norman December 18, 2008

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    Yesterday at nap time my cell started to ringing, several of my bud's said I should look out my back window and look at the gulls busting the water and that I should come out and play with them. My schedule was to fish Friday, so I had my lunch and got out my binoculars and watched the activity out in the cove. Never really saw anybody catch a striper, but there were just too many boats out there to nap. So, got my gear together and was out there by 1 PM. I set up four down lines and two free lines, no bits, no nothing. Them I got out my trusted jigging spoon, and the first drop I had a nice fish, not a striper, but a white perch. I did this until 3:30 PM and headed back to the house.

    What was taking place was that the larger white perch were busting bait fish at or near the top of the water column and the gulls were diving down to get the stunned fish. I observed the spots where the gulls landed for bait fish and there were no swirls, just little pops.

    WylieCat was there in the group and he caught his fair share of white perch. Good to see you on the water WC.

    It is hard to believe that perch can fool so many striper fishermen, including myself, with thier activity, but they can. WC and myself saw this same thing happen in Rocky Creek Wednesday morning.

    I will be back out there with a client this AM and it is my guess with as much bait as we have and the perch, the stripers just might pay a visit this morning.