Lake Norman Dec. 6, 2008

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    I had not planned to fish today, had a bunch of honey do's on the list, but at 8:30 AM I went out on the back deck to have a smoke and saw the gulls working. I fixed me some hot tea, put my cold weather suit on and cast the boat lines off around 9. Did a no wake cruise out to where the birds were working, survey the area and started putting out the gear. Caught two on fee lines with a split shot attached, one on a planer board and one on a down line. Three of the stripers were above average for my creek. The strangest bite I had came from one of the free lines. I was bringing a striper in and I noticed the free line was jerking just a tad, by the time I got the striper in, the bouncing had gone to a smack down. Still not thinking it was a striper, felt like it was a blue. To my surprise it was my largest striper of the day and he had tried to shallow a white perch which had taken my bait earlier (the bouncing on the rod was the perch). I did not have a single hook in the striper, the white perch had raised his fins up and that was what held the striper on. It pays sometime to be lucky, know what I mean. Back at my dock at 11:00 AM+-.
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    Good job Mac. I filled the bait order last night. You want to get them early or at Midway next Sunday?

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    really nice fish. i can not wait til spring and they start coming up the cape fear.
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    Nice catch Mac.:wink: Some striper action is fun.
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    Good catch Mac. I caught a striper the same way this fall. He took a 6 inch white perch and couldn't throw it because of the dorsal fins. I got a good picture of it. The perch is hooked behind the dorsal fin and the striper is 2 inches below the hook hanging from the perch!:smile2: