Lake Norman Catfish

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    I have only been on lake norman 2 times now and i know very little about the lake. Where is a good place to catch some big blues and flatheads? I put in at the pinnacle access both times i been there. Any info for me would be great. Biggest catfish i ever caught was 12lb i want to catch some 20-30 lb cats! My homelake is lake hickory which holds alot of channel cats but no big cats. Plan to fish norman with live bream and cut bait/shad. Do i need to fish deep water, shallow water, coves, etc,?

    Thanks for any info.
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    your guess is as good as mine.,.. i have only fished it in the early spring when the water temp was around 48-55 deg... and i was drifting in about 25-40 ft of water in McCrary creek. it is below the pinnacle access about a mile. i really haven't had any luck when the water got warmer.. i can only fish the weekends for the most part and i won't fish norman in the summer.. to many boats.. i was there for the tournament and almost got hit twice by the people coming back from the bars in the middle of the night. and you have to watch all the jugs that are out there. they were from the bank all the way out to 80' of water.... but in the spring i have done ok.. can't wait til winter....


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    Look for the grooves in the tailrace areas (below hydroelectric plants). A groove is where the current from two discharges collide. Put your bait on the bottom in the current and have it wash along the bottom naturally.