Lake Norman Catfish Report 5-09-09

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    I left my dock at 6:30 AM and headed to Marker 13 to do some river fishing. I trolled past all the docks from Marker 13 NW and W to the nine condo's at the causeway. Bait of choice was bream/blue gills heads and tails. The cats enjoyed what I had to offer and all my hits were strong, meaning no messing around. Ended up with three doubles, one triple and one quad. Total fish count was 22 blues and one flathead, with two blues in the 11 to 12 pound range and the flathead was around 7 pounds. Got a call at 9 AM that someone wanted to look at the kicker motor on the Lund, so I pulled everything in and headed to the house.
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    Sounds like you were one busy fella this morning. Thats my idea of a good morning workout!!! :smile2: