Lake Norman catfish and perch report 7-13-08

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    I was telling Carolina Catfish Club member and BOC member Robert Wood about all the perch I had been catching, before our club meeting Wednesday night. So, he and ThaBear (Ron Shires) went perch jerking with me this morning and I found the perch right off and caught a bream, one perch and a catfish, then nothing. After riding around and fishing other places for almost and hour plus, we came back to the same place and the wind was blowing and we caught a few more. ThaBear caught one and I caught two more plus another small cat. Poor Robert never caught the first one. ThaBear wanted to know if I was going to return their guide fee, then I reminded him that it was a free trip. But, to make him happy I promised him another trip and he did not take me up on it. Robert said they would hire another guide to take them perch jerking. All I can say is, you can't win them all.:smile2:
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    "...ThaBear wanted to know if I was going to return their guide fee, then I reminded him that it was a free trip...."

    The bad part is that they would have taken your money if you offered it!!!! :smile2: :tounge_out: :crazy:

    Don't ya hate when you get on a good bite and want someone else to enjoy it and the is gone!

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    What I actually said was, "If we don't catch any fish does the Guide have to pay us?" I did offer a tip which Mr. Mac turned down. As usual I still enjoyed my morning out with the Gentlemen (and I use the term losely), beautiful morning on the lake, good conversation and a good laugh or two(especially Roberts French Vanilla Iced Coffee).
    First time on the water since March, so was a welcome adventure, fish or no fish...
    Thanks Mac.