Lake Norman 7-3 thru 7-5-08

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    I have been spending the early morning hours fishing for flats and perch. I am using two catfish (Carolina type) rigs out the back with live white perch on them, plus I am using one Sabiki Rig out and jigging with a 1/4 oz. jig. Continued to catch 20 to 60 some perch on each outing, plus some flats in the three to 19 pound range. Every now and then several nice bass will decide to dine on the white perch. This morning I caught about 8 channel cats on the Sabiki Rig and one small bass, plus about 20 perch, the catfish rigs produced a large channel cat and one flat on the perch. Starting time is normally 6 to 6:30 AM and I'm back around 9 AM.
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    I am really starting to think the white perch in our lakes is more of a blessing than a curse. Maybe we should think of it as evolution instead of invasion. They are numerous and great to eat. Other fish seem to think so too.

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    Mac congrads on the great fishing trip. Also thats for the email on the rig. It helped out and I also went and bought me some. I might try them out tonight. Mac catching Flatties??????:tounge_out: i know you love them blues and channels. Mac take a look at my post in "All Ctafishing". It will make you sick. :angry:

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    Man, if it has whiskers Mac will put a hook in his face:smile2:
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    Mac, I went back out Wednesday for that "rematch" with the big one I PMd you about,taking my daughter, fishing partner and his daughter.
    We used the technique you mentioned, locating the perch then using them on down rods suspended just off the bottom while using the trolling motor to try to stay on the school of perch. The girls had a blast catching them with jigging spoons on one end of the boat while the guys caught 2 8-10lb flat heads, one blue, and three bass on the live perch on the other end. A couple of times I've had bass snatch perch off the sabiki when bringing them up by the boat. Still looking for that big one!
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    sounds like some real good catfishing