Lake Norman 3/7/09

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    I got on the water about 7 this morning. The temp was 51 degrees. I fished Stumpy creek in the one of the river bends. I was using shiners on 2 lines and an umbrella rig with road runners on 2 lines. Set the planer boards farther out with the shiners. I had 2 pull downs on the umbrella rigs but no fish. I moved to the opening to Stumpy in the bay area south of the island and set all baits deeper and stayed in 46+ feet of water. I ended up catching 4 stripers all about 4 pounds, 3 on the umbrella rigs and 1 on the shiner.

    The warm weather should move the water temp up to 60 in the next 3 days this should start the crappie spaun. I will be a crappie fisherman for the next 4 weeks while they start into the shallows.
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    They few crappie that Ive caught in Wylie the past weeks have been full of eggs.

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    Sounds like some really good fishing, congrats brother