Lake Norman 1/30

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  1. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    Lakenormanblues took me fishing this morning. The wind blew pretty hard and the bite was off but we did manage to land this cat in the teens. Thank you Mac! I enjoyed the trip and learned alot. Hope to fish with you again.
    see ya at tillery

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  2. Mac-b

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    While fishing with Jerry, he wanted to know why they called Lake Norman the Dead Sea. I ask him where he heard that! He said he read it on a lake map that he has. Well, after five hours of fishing and only one cat and one bass to show for our effords, it appears that the map was right.

    It's not really the Dead Sea, we were fishing under heavy winds and it was blowing out the front that came thru last night. Norman can humble you every now and then, but it is far from being the Dead Sea.

    Enjoyed your company today Bro.

  3. gearhead

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    Lake Norman is one of the toughest lakes to (consistantly) catch catfish that ive ever fished .I have been skunked their alot that dosent happen to me much anymore .At least you guy's got to fish today ,most had to work :smile2:.Nice fish .
  4. krowbar

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    any fish is better than no fish. better luck next time