Lake Norfork

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    Conway, Arkansas
    Anyone ever fish Lake Norfork? I heard somewhere that it had the potential for huge cats because it's so hard to fish. I've also heard (I think these tales are common) of big fish right up next to the dam where the Norfork River starts. I fished it my whole life, and just wanting to know if any other BOC Brothers and Sisters had tried it.
  2. r_corter12

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    the numbers on cats in this lake are down,about 5-6yrs ago it flooded water was coming over the flood gates you could literally walk around the bank and pick up night crawlers by the handfulls so what u think the fish were eating and where they were eating on the bank on my and everyone for 4 counties limb lines forget the trotline best fishing ever in this lake bar none it was amazing we went striper fishing at daybreak and this was good also schools of stripers were the largest ive ever seen,they were toping,most amazing thing ive ever seen if fishing were like this all the time i would quit my job!

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    i've fished the lake some and never caught any big ones, but their there. i seen some 60 pounders come from it. most of them were caught on jugs. i agree with corter, it has not been as good as a few years back, but it still pretty good fishing. it'll be back.