Lake Norfork fishing help

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  1. Stl-Stitch

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    Saint Charles, MO
    I am going to be travelling to Lake Norfork the weekend of the 14th and was wondering if the catfish are biting. I have going to this lake all of my life and know it well, but have never had any luck with catching the big cats. It seems that every year the fishing gets worse or maybe it’s me. I would apprentice any tips on hot spots or what bait is working.
  2. ccat

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    Fayetteville Ar
    I talked to a friend of mine about a month ago. He and his brother had been limb lining and jugging lot of catfish around the 1-C bank area. I am sure you know this area. It is up in Big Creek. I think Holiday Island is around there too. Good luck. Keep us posted. As I write this, I have jugs and trotlines soaking in Middle Fork of Greers. I'll be checking them in about 5 hours.