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    Finally got a chance to take my Daddy fishing today so we headed out to Lake Murray. Daddy has never caught a fish over 1lb or so in his life so I was really hoping we could change his luck today. We were doing some drifting and 30 minutes in one of his rods slammed down, I hollered and he begin the fight. I thought the ole, blue was going to wear him out but when I got it in the net you could really see the happiness in his eyes. He told me that was the biggest fish he had ever caught in his life and after that I didn't care if we caught another fish I was glad my Daddy got his PB. We ended up catching 5 blues 4lb to his biggest 15lbs and one 3lb Channel cat. Daddy ended the day catching the 4 biggest Blues and I can't remember seeing him any happier. Daddy keep the 6 fish said he was going to get some fillets and make a Catfish Stew. Days like this are how memories of a lifetime are created.:wink:

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    Great job Kevin!:wink: Glad ya got to put your dad on some nice ones. He may now want to go some more.:big_smile:

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    Kevin, thats the best.....helping someone catch their PB! And when it's Daddy................Priceless! :smile2: