Lake Murray anyone?

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  1. fattiresc

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    South Carolina
    Where on the lake is everyone catching big cats? I finally have a boat that I can get away from the Dam area and explore the lake. I know that lake levels are affecting all fishing a bit, but someone on here has to be catching some big cats on Murray.


  2. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    I'd like to know too, Jason! I've been meaning to take a trip out there :lol:

  3. chrisblue

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    Tony lives on murray but I hadnt seen him on here in a while.
  4. tony

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    lake Murray sc
    the catfishin is really good on Murray right now, people who are bream fishin are catchin cats on wigglers and crickets! and the guides for stripers are catchin lots of cats, mainly main lake points!!! it's my busy season at the marina, so i haven't been out much here lately!!! just so you know the lake is low, but packed with pleasure boaters, night fishin is best, but you better know where your going and what your doing! the cattin on this lake is hot right now, come get some!!! great cattin to all!!!!!
  5. laidbck111

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    hey buddy if you know how to get to larry koon landing on the 378 side of the lake then thats half the battle. from the landing head out towards the islands go between the first two and back into the cove then watch your depth finder you want to put your boat in the shallow water and fish in the 12-20 foot range. another good spot is the creek channel that runs about 30 foot off the bank at SC&G #3.