Lake Murray 8/10 & 8/11

Discussion in 'SOUTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by Patmansc, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Patmansc

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    Cordova, TN
    My wife has a seminar in Lexington on Thursday & Friday this week. We'll be staying at a motel around there an I'm gonna drag my boat along and fish Lake Murray both days. Anyboat got any news/hot tips from down there? Benji? Chrisblue? Somebody, anybody, Beuller?
  2. chrisblue

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    Pat i hadnt been down there or heard anything in a long time.I was hopin Tony would chime in with a report but I hadnt heard anything out of him in along time.Check out the new SC game and fish there is an article on lake Murray in it.

  3. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    Pat one major thing to remember while on Murrays lower end, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKY. If a storm starts up, it gets really rough on the lower end of the lake. I've seen two boat sink and heard of scores more being sunk. I was in a boat that got swamped once while striper fish on Murray. Good luck and have fun.:smile2: