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    im new here at the boc but just about every time i go fishing on lake moultrie i see people trolling and they are landing big cats im talking 40 and 50 pounders now i havent had any luck with my way im not sure what kind of lures im supposed to use or how fast or how deep no one talks out there when you ask but im hoping my brothers here can lend a helping hand thanks greg
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    I think you are referring to drifting.:wink: The best/quickest way to learn that would be a guide trip with Capt. Ron Howard of Santee with Roundhill Guide Service. You could learn everything you need to know in one day. Take a note pad and he'll teach. Just my opinion of the Best/ quickest way. Because it'll be hands on learning and you can see drifting in action! :wink:

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    I know that there are some people trolling but mostly for stipers. I fish moultrie alot and we drift but I have never trolled. I have heard of people doing this but have never tried it myself.
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    Pop Pop is right, best way is to get a guide to learn it, there are just to many in's and outs of it to really teach it right like this........there is a lot of info in the library on it, setups and what hav ya but getting a guide is the best way to learn it............brian