Lake Moultrie Report Oct. 2nd

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    I carried a few guys fishing today and the fishing was very slow. Started out very windy and I fished in around 10-15ftdeep with a few small bities but no takers. Moved out to 20-30ft deep and no bites and moved again to 40+ft deep and caught 1 9lb channel. The wind died and we had been fishing for 6 hours with very few bites and 1 fish but I didnt give up. I moved for the last time back to the 1st spot and the water was like glass so I drifted using the trolling motor and ended up putting 5 fish in the boat 4 channels(6lb,9lb,12lb,12.5lb) and 1 blue(31lbs). I worked hard to put those guys on 6 fish but they were happy and with there catch but overall it was very slow. The stripers were schooling everywhere over where we finnally started catching fish and we had 1 striper and 2 cats get off at the boat. All in all tough day fishing but successful.
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    Pat Chaney
    Sometimes ya just gotta hunt them kitties down - and it can be hard work too! Nice job on getting on the fish :big_smile:

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    Great job getting them on the fish and good luck in the future
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    Thanks for the report, hope by the 18th they biten better when I take the kids up to Marion,:cool2:
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    Great job James. Thanks for the report.:big_smile: Sometimes those tough days can be rewarded with 31 lbs worth of good reasons to be out there.:wink: