Lake Moultrie Report 6-23-06

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    Hello my fellow BOC's

    Went Fishing Saturday Eve/Night just outside the hatchery "Pinopolis Side". The weather conditions were picture perfect, but the fishing was just a little slow. We started at 6:30 PM about 11 feet of water. Fished for 1 hour. Nothing, 7:00 PM moved in closer to the hatchery to about 4 feet of water. Caught our first 4lb blue just as the Sun touched the horizon. Caught it on Tread Fin Shad, It was some fresh frozen I had stashed in my Freeze this past spring. I stumble across it when I was cleaning out my Fridge.. LOL,
    The second was a 3lb Channel, caught it on Sonny's stink bait. I felt so bad because when I cleaned her that night, she had a belly full of eggs. I wish now I would have let her go. Any way, we caught 3 pan size channel cats within the next couple of hours.. that was it, the fishing was slow, but the night sky was just awesome. Had a great time. There was some guys fishing down from us that were have some luck on old shrimp. Same pace, slow..

    Thought I would share...