Lake Moultrie Low Water Level and another fishing report.

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  1. zivetor

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    Charleston, S.C.
    Went fishing again tonight. Caught 5 Catfish on Sonny's..Biggest one about 4lbs. All in 5 feet or less. The peak action was between 6:30pm to 9:30pm then everything STOPPED.. NO MORE bites.. Not even a nibble. Fished till Midnight then left when I saw lightning roll across the sky..

    Just wanted to inform you that the lake level is down about 2 to 3 feet lower than normal. It seems to be lower than it is during the winter.. So Be Careful when you go fishing day or night. So go slow and becareful.. Lots of stumps exposed right now.. Great opportunity to see what lays beneath the surface. Will Scare you..

  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    It's amazing how much difference a couple of feet will make in the appearance of the lake, especially in Lake Marion's timber. You cruise around during high water conditions, then go back during a drought and say "Whew, how did I get through that stuff?" It's a good time for scouting, though. The lower it gets, the more structure you can mark for future fishing trips.

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    I fished Moultrie Wednesday late morning and afternoon and saw how low the water was. Also want to remind everyone on how quick the wind can change on Moultrie. We went from very low breeze to water whitecapping in just a few minutes. We went back in to Blacks and hung around a little bit then left when the storm looked like it had set in. We caught a few fish but nothing big.