Lake Moultrie Cold Snap

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    Well we are finally getting some cool water Thank God! So far at Santee there has not been a winter yet. We should be looking at high 30’s low 40’s degree water temps. This cold weather has brought the water temps to the mid 40’s. And I do believe it’s going to get colder. The Northern part of SC got snow this week. It takes 5 days for floodwater, muddy waters, or cold water to get to Santee from the upstate. Once that ice water gets here it will setup the winter fishing right. This will also lead to a good normal spring fishing as well.
    The wind was pretty good today making it REAL cold. I had water freezing on the deck first thing this morning. It slowed the Crack Filler up fish a little. The good fish it never messed with them. We caught 11 fish today drifting with 3 ten foot drift socks out of the front of the boat to get slow enough. We had fish weighted 46, 35, 33, 30, 29, 27, and the rest from 7-15 lbs each. Total weight 265 lbs.
    When the cold weather throws you a lick remember this, Down Size bait! Slow down your speed if drifting, if anchoring give them a few more minutes in each hole. We had 10-20 mph wind today. It took 3 ten-foot diameter drift socks to get my speed to 0.30 mph on my GPS. When I am drifting off the front end of my boat I only have a 8.5 foot wide boat. With only 8.5 feet of wall surface it takes 3 big socks to slow me down. What I am saying, never buy small socks! I make a living by drifting. I use boats from 17 foot to 30 foot. The smallest sock I own is 6-foot diameter. I will use up to 4 socks ranging from 6-10 feet to regulate my speed to what I want. Try Drift Fishing, you will throw your anchor away!