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Lake Moultrie Catfishing Tactics and Catfish Talk

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Just wanted to open a thread for future use. Some of you guys that are going that way soon (Black's) can let us know how you do. Hope to get back up that way real soon, myself.
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How is your spouse doing Tommy?I started a thread over in General about the moon phases based on our conversation with Steve.Maybe we can get some hard data from the BOC members about what they do or don't catch during the full moon for comparison.Ironically the 6 days around the New and Full moons are usually considered prime fishing times.
Jim, Pat is doing better every day. She's still weak, but gaining strength. She won't be returning to work, tho. Submitted resignation and signed up for retirement this week. She'll have to take up catfishing too, I suppose. lol
I'll take a look at the post you mentioned above. I've always had my own feeling about that, and actually kept a diary for hunting purposes that confirmed my suspicions that the dark moon was best all around for me, but it will be interesting to get other folks input.
moultrie report fished wen to sat night fishing was best from 6 to 12 all three nights cought 8 to 16 cats per night between 6lb to 37lbs drifting in 30ft to 40ft around marker 11 using herring had a great time was kind ruff wind of the day but not to bad at night will be going back in wk or two.
Thanks for the report that is some good fishing.Were you north or south of the markers?
Glad you had a good trip, roundhill. I hope to go that way later in the week. Did you fish during the day, if so what kind of luck? From late evening 'til 11 or 12M is my favorite time, too.
jim i made a lot of drifts between #12 and #9 the wind was out of northeast most of the time 6mh to 15mh the day bite was not as good but that is normal this time of yr fresh bate is the way to go.
Uh oh, I mistakenly opened a Lake Moultrie thread under the SC rivers' section! I apologize. I thought i was in the lakes column and didn't see lake Moultrie...Oops. Well, i was just posting(albeit in the wrong place) my report from late last week. I caught 7 small cats(6lbs and under) and an eel. I was using shrimp and White bass strips. I intend to go back tonight. Ill post results
Let us know where you go and what luck you have, Mr. Phatkat. Good Luck!
? for jim and tommy i will be fishing the classic the 9th an 10th i need a place to get fresh mullet any help will be greatly appreciated thank you.
The only place I know would be Blacks Camp.or you will have to net some yourself.Another possibility is if you are close to the coast is to get some at a bait store or pier.I have always wanted to try finger mullet but keeping them alive is a problem.Most fishermen will be using herring or white perch to drift fish with at that time of year.
thanks jim i have bean using herring but small fresh mullet blood will work better just need a place to pick it up within 100mi of cross if blacks has any all the guides will get it as thee are all fishing the tournament too.
Again your best bet would be to get to the coastal bait shops or piers.Walmart here in Jacksonville does sell mullet slabs and cups of chunked mullet so maybe the one in Manning SC will have them also.
I don't know about the frozen mullet at walmart, never used any. I usually catch finger mullet when I go salt water fishing, but I haven't been in quite a while. Some of the baithouses along the coast, as Jim said, should have mullet, and most of the local fishmarkets carry them too.
Jim, Catfish Connection has the nickel plated kahle hooks, by the way. I ordered some yesterday in 4/0 & 6/0, along with some other items.
tommy we will be staying at canal lake resort for the next 10 days maybe run into you or jim one day staying in traylor drive blue suburban bentley pontoon 24ft
Roundhill,sure would like to meet up with you but I won't be back down until the 22nd.Keep us posted on the fishing and the tourney results for the King Kat.Good luck wish I could join you.
Roundhill, I'll try to get by there, probably next week. They are saying gas will be in short supply around the state, at least for a short while, so that may have an impact on my travels, just have to wait and see. I do plan to try them at Moultrie tomorrow night.
Jim, I forwarded a pm about the book on Santee Cooper. Gas is $3+ at the beach according to the paper, so you may want to fill up somewhere on the way down, if you are still going to Bass Pro.
You can catch mullet with a cast net at wilson's landing. I'd only throw just to the right of the launch, anywhere else, you'd get snagged. Theyre a little large though(1 to 2lbs average). If you dont have a cast net, you can just as easily catch them using a number 6 hook and taking some of the grass(moss) out of the water and wrapping it around the hook. It wont take long at all to catch a dozen or so. People catch very large numbers of them that way, and its free(and fun).
Phatkat, that's good information, friend. I have seen them up there before, feeding on the algae, but had forgotten.
Did you fish any the past couple of days/nights?
I went to Short Stay Tuesday evening and stayed all night(bank fishing). I caught 5 no bigger than 7lbs and all before midnight on white perch chunks. I also got a menhadden in my cast net and put him on. I didnt catch anything else by 2am so i took a nap in the truck. i woke up around 5am and brought my lines in (nothing touched the 4inch shad!). The pole that had the menhadden on it had a fish on but all the line was ran out.(I use the 6500 c4 and set the bait clicker) I got it in about halfway and then got hung up in something. I gave him about 15minutes to undo himself but it didnt so i busted line. BTW does anybody know where to find Menhadden this time of year?
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