Lake Moultrie catch - holding your catfish to remove the hook

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    I was just wondering how everyone holds thier catfish when removing the hook. Here is a picture of how I hold them, it works well on pan size catfish, I wouldn't recommend it on Big Cats.. The catfish seem to get a little paralized when I hold them this way, kind of like a bass when you place your thumb in his/her mouth. Don't worry about the small teeth when you pull his mouth open with your thumb. They don't hurt.. It is easier for me to remove the hook. I don Not recommend this method while removing a Treble hook, only a single point circle hook in the side of the mouth.

    BTW, we went fishing again today in Lake Marion and this is all we caught. This one bit a small piece of herrin. I will try Lake Moultrie Tomorrow. I hope I have better Luck.. We let this one go and grow up to catch him another day..

    Here is a couple of pics.. :smile2:

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    I've found that the little guys are what hurt ya'. The baby cats up to about 3-4 lb. got real sharp stickers on the sides and their back. It seems they get dull as the fish get older, but them little ones will poke you good. Also it seems that a fish about 10-20 lb. will chomp down more than anything else. A smaller one just ain't got the power yet and a bigger fish you can lip and kind of hang his body weight off that lip and he can't get his mouth shut. Flatheads don't seem to try to bite me too much, blues and channels are the worst though. A big male channel will draw blood, trust me I know!

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    Try this on smaller cats...approach the cat from above and ahead, place your palm on top of the head. The dorsal fin will be between your thumb and index finger. I've never been stuck when using this grip.