Lake Moultrie 8-21-06

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  1. screamnclickersc

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    Caught 2 Blues(20 & 15) and 1 Flatcat(24) drifting Saturday night around 10 o'clock.40' of water near Short Stay.We couldn't mark any fish after 10 o'clock.We seen a few bait on the east dike,but couldn't get any takers.--We have got in the habit of not fishing a spot if we don't see bait on the Lowrance,next time i'll use gut instinct and fish the dropoffs even if the graph shows no bait.

    Also there was alot of boats in the hatchery area untill midnight then they all left,didn't hear anything on the VHF.
  2. laidbck111

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    Can't beat a good night on the water. I didn't depend on my depth/fish finder all the time either. I went with gut instint a lot and it paid off most times. I can appreciate the guys that can pinpoint their fish with them though.