Lake Moultrie 7/27

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    Me and the boy bypassed the water park Sunday for a day drifting on the lake. We ran across and got Herring and started drifting about noon off of Maker 22, there was a nice ledge with fish on it but we only got one drift before the wind picked up, looked like a couple of small channels, hit at them a couple of times but never took the bait. We went to hog swamp to get away from the wind and waves. Was trying to focus on the 35-42 foot range but I didn't mark any fish around that area. Moved over to Atkins area and drifted from 25ft out to 50ft. Made three drifts and marked fish in the 38-42 ft range but no takers. Ended up with a big skunk! Oh well the boy had a good time. I start second shift this week so I'm going to try to get a couple of nights after work on the river. I'll let you know how I do. I think I'm going to shift from blue to big and brown, I got a couple spots I've been wanting to try.
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    I guess you could have used one of those ROAD KILL SHADS you found last week....:smile2::smile2: