Lake Moomaw

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  1. flathead willie

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    Has anyone done any fishing in Moomaw lately? I've seen pictures of some nice cats from there but haven't tried it yet. I did some diving there a couple years ago but the water was too green to see much.
  2. jeremiad

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    I haven't fished Lake Moomaw, but I can say that a good lake for diving is Mt. Storm in West Virginia. A lot of divers head out there during the winter because the water is warmed by the power plant. The lake has a diver entry point and dive platforms at 25' intervals down to the 125' bottom near the dam.

    I do know that there are a lot of catfish in that lake, fairly smallish, but no creel or possession limits! There are some good sized stripers in the lake. You can always head to Canaan Valley for some skiing and head over to Mt. Storm for some diving and fishing--sounds like a fairly complete winter vacation package!

  3. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    I have heard about Mt Storm. Tons of 1-2 lb catfish. I want to bring my light gear, some stink bait and livers, and catch a mess of fish one day.