Lake Monty Catfishing Report!

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  1. preacherfisherman

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    I joined the many BOC members today at Monty. I caught 5 fish, two 8 lbs., two 5 lbs., and one 3 lbs. I didn't do as good as I hoped, but it was still a fun day. Thanks for all the help you'll given me. How did everybody else do today?
  2. Sunbird

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    Sandy Run,
    Tommy, you had a good a day as anyone. Pat and I were flat and only caught 4 small ones. It was a little frustrating. I had a great time getting to know him. Pop Pop and Buster did the best I think. They had two fish 10 or better and Steve and company had a 14 for their biggest, I will let them give the details. It was a beautiful day for fishing. They just weren't in the mood to chew on my hook. It may have been a blackball now that I think about it. I named my boat "Miss Flattie" and went after blues. :confused2:

    I had a great time and hope to fish with everyone again soon. By the way how many brothers does the BOC say have to be present to have a gathering? Did we qualify?

  3. steve_b124

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    south carolina
    Preacher, I wished I had got to meet you yesterday. Didn't get to meet Buster either. He and Pop pop ran by on the 'toon, but all I coud see was the glare off of Pop pop's head. I have the same problem, but keep a hat on. Maybe some other time we can meet up and talk.

    God Bless All,
  4. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Tommy, If I had known you was there I would have came over and said hi. Glad ya got some fish and had a good time. We ended with 16.:wink:
  5. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Jon - we gave it our best shot! I think that Pop Pop put the "stank eye" on us :crazy::eek:oooh:
  6. buster1395

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    Abbeville, Sout
    I had a great time as well guys. I caught a few fish, had to holler at pop pop when his rods were going down:smile2: and learned a lot about the lake. I Also met some great people and I really look forward to next time. Maybe I will get more sleep the night before the next time I go, I got pretty tired towards the end of the day and tried to get me a few catnaps in but that wasnt working too good. I slept 2 hours the night before and didn't get home until 11:00 but man did I make up for it, I think I slept almost 10 hours last night.

    I kept a few of our fish to have a fry this weekend and we threw back some also. I put the few I kept on ice now I got to go clean those, wash the boat out and get ready for next time. I think my old man and I might hit up Greenwood Sunday if all goes well I will give a report when I get back.

    Anyway I really had a great time meeting and fishing with everyone. I look forward to doing it all again except for the Waffle House afterwards, boy they really got some smart ones working there:smile2:.