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    im pretty new on the boc and apreciate all of the useful info from the posts that ive been reading. I have been fishing for the big cats for about a year and mainly go after them at monticello. have not gotten much of a pb yet,but im going to keep tryimg. would like any info that i could get on bait,rigs or location .
  2. BrianD

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    Hey, welcome to the site. To get your info on bait and rigs, I recommend you go back and read through some of the old threads. There are threads on the Santee area, Lake Hartwell, and probably even Monticello somewhere that go back more than a year. If you take the time to read through them all you can pretty much figure out what to use at what time of year and there are a ton of people here putting in their two cents about what rigs they use. The library has a ton of stuff, but those long threads are the heat. Every thing from what the water temp. was to how deep they were fishing , weather drifting or anchoring was working best and in some cases you will read exact spots they were fishing. I promise, if you pay attention at all to what these guys on here have to say your PB will go up. Good luck on the lake,,,,,,,,,,,,Brian

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    Welcome to the BOC man, this is an awesome site.
    I second what BrianD said. And I'll add, whenever you go fishing do a report for us and let us know how you did.
    A lot of people go all the time and never tell anybody. That's fine. It's up to them, but the more info folks divulge the more fish we'll all catch.